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Our curriculum writers share a deep desire to educate children in the most innovative and most effective way possible. This is a team of former teachers, all with many years of classroom experience and a deep knowledge of how children learn. They carefully craft every lesson to ensure it teaches and motivates. They know what students need from Istation products, and they know what teachers want, expect, and deserve.

Art and Animation

Our art and animation teams work together to bring education to life. This job requires a passion for creativity and aesthetics, and an eye for detail. They also ensure Istation’s learning products are both entertaining and educational. Our animators, illustrators, programmers, and designers work closely with the curriculum team to bring education to a new level of understanding and engagement.

Technology and Engineering

We are incredibly proud of the longevity within our company. Istation was founded in 1998, and four of those original founders remain on our engineering team! Our products are incredibly simple for students and teachers to use, because the inner construction is incredibly complex. Gifted code writers, talented software designers, and brilliant number crunchers ensure Istation delivers on its promise to empower kids, support educators, and change lives.

Quality Assurance and Product Management

This department has its hands in every part of creating and producing the Istation learning program. From generating ideas to constructing our animated products, and then testing and tweaking them, this team's main goal is to ensure all Istation software is of superior quality when teachers and students begin using it.


Istation’s sales team is partnering with educators in every corner of the country and even abroad to find individualized solutions for each school and district. Our experienced team is passionate about seeing students grow and helping educators achieve their goals through a collaborative process where they turn aspirations into realities.

Professional Development

Our professional development team knows Istation inside and out backward and forward. Trainers teach the teachers, and all of our trainers were once teachers themselves More than 80 percent of our trainers also used the Istation program with fidelity prior to joining Istation. They are passionate about helping school districts find solutions to their most pressing problems. Our trainers have vast knowledge about the most effective ways to educate children, and they are ready and willing to share everything they know. They offer constant professional development for teachers through on-site and online training.

Interactive Media Production

Our Interactive Media Production team ensures Istation shines at all times! Made up of experts in visual arts, graphic design, film, and animation, this highly collaborative group is responsible for all creative media related to branding, marketing, and other visual communications.

Marketing and Communications

Students and teachers are at the center of everything Istation does, including marketing our award-winning products. The marketing and communications teams help tell the world about Istation through print, digital, and social media messaging. This is a team of creative and technical writers and communicators who wow people through words.

Technical Support

Stuff happens. And our technical support team is here when it does. This team handles service inquiries and technical questions from Istation users everywhere. Support team members are patient, easy-to-understand communicators who can help a customer resolve any quandary they may experience.

Corporate Administration

There are countless critical positions at Istation making sure this giant machine keeps running. Our human resources team ensures we are well-staffed and well-paid while keeping us healthy and safe. Our financial team ensures we are cost conscious but well-equipped to shine in our industry. And our administrative support team ensures we are wisely advised and assisted.

Istation Attributes

At Istation, the belief of senior management is that all employees whom we hire will have the skills, talents and abilities to gain commitment from our internal and external customers. This is the essence of our culture. Istation places high value on the ability to consultatively build, produce and sell our products. As a solution, our products and services MUST provide specific benefits to our customers and help students and teachers become more successful. Istation is of the belief that all our employees are or will become thought leaders in the industry and be trusted advisors to the schools and districts we serve. Therefore, all our new hire candidates and employees must have strong abilities to lead not only themselves, but others.

Here are traits, competencies and ideals we expect of our professionals:

  • Amiable personality
  • Exhibits professional etiquette
  • Professional and appropriate appearance
  • Intelligence and articulate
  • Good business judgment and acumen
  • Builds personal credibility through respect, trustworthiness, honesty and taking responsibility and accountability for his/her actions
  • High integrity and ethical standards
  • Strong analytical and decision making skills
  • Forward thinking with anticipation
  • Resourceful, efficient and accurate
  • Shows initiative and the ability to be proactive
  • Team and Service oriented
  • Goal driven and approaches each goal and challenge with a positive “can do” attitude
  • Assertive without being aggressive or offensive
  • Contributes ideas and best practices willingly
  • Confident in their abilities and judgment
  • Welcomes opportunities to learn and apply new skills
  • Ability to influence others
  • Actively listens to understand
  • Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
  • Prompt responsiveness and follow through
  • Being present when and where needed
  • Standard of avoiding conflict between work and personal issues
  • Willingness to have fun at work