About Istation

We all know it when we see it. The eyes brighten. The smile widens. The confidence swells. It’s the instant a child learns something new the moment a young mind grows.

Educators want those moments to fill every hour of every day. But it’s difficult to lead a classroom full of students to those “Eureka!” moments, because each child learns in a unique way. Every student deserves a personalized path to greatness, and Istation paves that path.

Istation is educational software that is unlike any other on the market. No other computer-based learning system offers the depth and breadth of curriculum content, the quality of production, the wealth of resources, or the measurable results.

Former teachers write our curriculum, animators and artists design our product, engineers write our code, and the result is a program that succeeds more than any other educational software system. 

The more children use Istation, the more they learn. And the more room they have to grow, the bigger their gains.

Istation Corporate Office:

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